Loadshedding Schedule For Nepal

Flashlight, Custom Notification and Schedule in Nepali Language
Dwonload Loadshedding+ technoguff


We don't just provide schedule we start new trends for Nepali Apps

Cool Flat Design

Loadshedding+ by technoguff

Load shedding app has brought awesome new features since the beginning. Introducing new cool design Loadshedding+ has been providing pleasing look and feel so that users just love their phones. Loadshedding provides the best way of presenting information in an organized way.

Custom Notifications

Loadshedding+ with Custom Notifications

Get notified before powers goes and comes. Now you will not only be notified with notifications but you can also set custom notifications.

Select sound of your choice for notification. Select vibration, sound or even music of your choice for notification.

Lock Screen Widget

Loadshedding+ with Lock Screen Widget

Widgets are one of the best features android phones provide. Now Loadshedding+ provides Lock screen widgets. You can now see the schedule right on your lock screen without even unlocking your phone.

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